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Community Service

Events that get a team to experience what it means to be driven a common purpose that is bigger than their own individual needs

Construct for a Cause

A team driven a common purpose that is bigger than their own individual needs is the most powerful glue that holds a team together and this is amply demonstrated in this event. In this event team is given the task of making furniture as teams.

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Paint for Kids

The Team paints Branded T-Shirts with bright colours, around a central theme and hand them over to needy children and youth.

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The Grand Barter Challenge

Smaller teams are given a 100 Rupee note and left in a market place for a designated period of time. They are then challenged to buy anything from the market for the 100 Rupees and from then on keep bartering the items in successive iterations to create maximum exponential value.

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Art from Junk Project

The material can be a combination of a variety of junk material that will be provided to each team along with paint material, glue etc.

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Bike Buildoff

In this activity Teams compete with each other to assemble a cycle from scratch in a race against time.

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Village Transformation

A demonstration of what a team can achieve when they are collectively driven by a cause that is larger than any one of their individual goals.

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Roof Cause

The challenge for the team in this community based team building event is to create semi knocked down shelters from the material provided which will then be be given away to needy and homeless.

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Mission S.O.S – (Save Our School)

This challenge is designed as a race between competing sub teams where they are challenged to find as many items as possible supply to a school of under privileged children.

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The School Kits Treasure Hunt

A competitive ”seek & find” game that simulates a rescue of a school from shutting down due to non availability of stationery and study material for the children to run the school.

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