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The Grand Barter Challenge

The Grand Barter Challenge

Smaller teams are given a 100 Rupee note and left in a market place for a designated period of time. They are then challenged to buy anything from the market for the 100 Rupees and from then on keep bartering the items in successive iterations to create maximum exponential value.
Teams are in a state of disbelief themselves as to what they have achieved when they finally add up their performance.
It demonstrates that you don’t need much beyond a sense of passion and commitment to do good in the world.
A truly powerful activity to demonstrate self-belief, challenging norms, going out of one’s comfort zone is all about attitude and what’s inside.
In the past we’ve had team convert Rs. 2000 to over a Lakh of rupees worth goods to give away


Team size should be in between 10 to 100


City/Market place


1 – 3 Hrs