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Grand Rail Road

Grand Rail Road

The Gand Railroad is an interesting construction projects like all things in Mexico! With a rail line needing to be built by different teams that integrate into 1 big rail line basis whose success will determine the group’s ability to win projects, the activity has many twists and turns.
Grad Railroad demonstrates the need of teams to communicate and collaborate to achieve customer success.
The activity helps teams and individuals understand an interdependent eco system.
Grand Railroad demonstrates the importance of project management in meeting goals.
Grand Railroad looks at how critical communication and empathy are to succeed as a team.
An activity that creates energy and enthusiasm and builds ownership to a cause among individuals.
Grand Railroad brings a team together on achieving individual and collective goals.


Mexican Railway Challenge is about the collective abilities of an organization / team to deliver. This demands some skills but lots of attitude.


Engagement, Outbound Learning, Leadership, Competency


2 – 3 Hours depending on No. of participants. Indoors or Outdoors, but would need adequate space.