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Race Day

Race Day

Welcome to the thrills of a Formula Racing Team event! Our Race Day Activity takes participants and teams through the entire rung of what it takes to create, own and run a Formula Racing team and how these teams actually function.
RACE DAY create the highs of a Formula 1 racing event with equal importance to execution and strategy.
The activity demonstrates the importance of unity in diversity, with each part of the team leveraging the other.
RACE DAY demonstrates that project planning is as important as good ideas and without that nothing can work
Energy, Teamwork and execution excellence are some of the key themes that RACE DAY explores..
Drives a high level of engagement and participation from the audience.


A layered event that demonstrates our philosophy of involve / evolve where it is much more than just the race itself.


Anthems, Team Scapes, Starship, Olympics, Junk Groove, Big Picture, Mexican Railway etc.


2 to 4 Hours, depending on format. A small ground is needed to run the activity.