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Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect

This is a creative construction challenge where the teams are given a variety of material and they need to set up a ripple effect or a chain reaction that will ultimately get the end objective possible.
This is an event inspired by the quirky experiments of the eponymously titled Rube Goldberg effect that were popular in the 70s-80s and brought back in vogue by redbull and honda ads.ps
At the end of this chain reaction is the final mission that can only be achieved if the entire chain reaction process works flawlessly.
The whole group is broken up into sub teams where each team has to create one Ripple Effect in series of 4- 5 sections.
The end of one section should trigger the start of the next section. The completion of the last section allows teams to get to the final goal.
Teams will get 3 attempts to complete the task. After each attempt teams will get 5 minutes to course correct before the next attempt.


Team size should be in between 50 – 200


Open Lawns, Conference Rooms, Hotel Banquet Halls, Hotel / Resort grounds.


2 Hrs – 3 Hrs