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Starship 2820

Starship 2820

Welcome to the future without Starship 2820 simulation game!
The Starship 2820 simulation takes individuals and teams into a futuristic setting beyond earth. With crisis imminent in the form of a rogue comet the requirement of the mission requires a healthy mix of influence, negotiation, and collaboration for starters.
Starship 2820 creates the dynamics that are true of human dynamics and interaction irrespective of the setting.
The activity drives demonstration of real behavior even in a simulation environment bringing real issues to the fore.
Starship 2820 looks at the importance of common vision in driving and team that has inter dependencies.
Starship 2820 looks at the perceptions that individual and teams form and the role in plays in interactions.
A high-energy activity that create an environment where individuals and teams exhibit real behaviors.
Creates engagement and learning for individuals, teams and organizations.


A simulation that mirrors organization realities and challenges and demonstrates the importance of talking about a common vision and purpose.


Engagement, Outbound Learning, Leadership, Competency


2 to 4 Hours, depending on format. An indoor conference with cluster seating would be required. Projector and AV needed.