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Rhythm & Groove

Rhythm & Groove

We create an action packed high impact team exercise with Rhythm, Human Percussion, Melody, Vocals and Dance. Teams will recreate a popular song and dance to the tune using Rhythm, Melody & Movement.
The whole group is subdivided into sub teams with each team performing one part of the ensemble and they come together under the directions of a conductor.
As teams start syncing with the other teams, dancers get introduced to small moves which they perform in unison;
Individuals dissolve and become invisible as the MUSIC brings them to life as we conduct the activity making magic happen!!
The Learning context comes from how different abilities when connected by a common purpose will find a way to come together if all want the same end goal with equal passion and rigor.


Team size should be in between 50 to 500


Conference room, Open Lawns, Halls, company cafeteria etc...


1 – 3 Hrs