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Team Building Programs in Delhi


Team building programs Delhi – Team building programs are the essential part of the company for their growth and development. There are a lot of reasons why business entertains team building programs and activities.

To boost the employee’s motivation and productivity and also to improve the employee’s relationship and gain trust between each employee and more.

Team building programs/games need to be used as a key factor in the development of the company.

The aim of the team building programs and activities is to build employee motivation, trust among the employees, have fun games exercises, teamwork, leadership.

Here is the list of best team building programs in delhi which can be implemented in each and every company to build a fun filled team building environment.


Best team building programs in Delhi for corporates

Winner or Loser – Team Building Programs Delhi
team building programs delhi

Activity Name: Winner or Loser

Objective: Positive Thinking

Best for: Two or more people

Activity Time: Five to ten minutes

Resources needed: None

One team member must share something negative that has happened in their days, but it must be true. This person must talk about the same incident again, this time only focusing on positive aspects. Their co-worker must work together to focus on the silver lining and learning experience that came along with this memory. Co-worker should change roles after every issue.

Through this team building programs, we can understand the importance of positive thinking. A co-worker/partner work jointly to come up with the silver lining, a team is learning how to reframe negative situations and look on the positive side.


team building programs delhiCommon Book – Team Building Programs Delhi

Activity Name: Common Book

Objective: Creativity

Best for Any group

Activity Time: Ongoing

Resources Needed: Scrapbook album/journal, pens, markers, tape, stickers.

Create a scrapbook or journal, keep in a workplace. Support employees to add anything to the journal whenever they feel like it, they can journal/Add new leanings, add photos of an event, or write some thoughts.

This Activity is a great way to keep employees/staff engaged and make them feel as if they truly have a voice within their company.


Team Shield – Team Building Programs Delhi team building programs delhi

Activity Name: Team Shield
Objective: Creativity, Teamwork
Best for Small or large groups
Time: 30 minutes
Resources needed: marker’s, pen’s, paper, and Posterboard

Split participants into groups. Instruct teams to design a shield that represents them – either as persons coming jointly in a group or for future activities. For a difference, have them make a shield related to a certain ideal or task within the company.

Through this team building programs allows each team to think in a creative way and increase employee’s ability to communicate and work in a team.


All The News – Team Building Programs  Delhiteam building programs delhi

Activity Name: All The News
Objective: Creativity, Teamwork
Best for: Small or medium groups
Activity Time: One hour
Resources needed: Paper, pens

Create a group of 3 or four, if possible by department or sub-group. Have each team write a mock newspaper article that tells what participants think about their company will achieve in the future. Once time is up, teams should share their headlines and articles.

This team building activity is the best way to get teams thinking about the company and its goals while encouraging teamwork and communication.

Dragons Den – Team Building Activities Delhi 
team building programs delhi

Activity Name:  Dragons Den
Objective: Creativity, Teamwork
Best for- Small  groups

Time: 1 to 2 hours
Resources needed: pens and Paper

Split participants into even teams. The teams should create a new product or company. The product can be anything like – a hotel, a useful item, a new service. Teams should work with each other to create a business plan and pitch, later they have to present to the Dragons.

This team building activity is a fun team activity that encourages creativeness and teamwork. It allows an entrepreneur to emerge.

Group Time
team building programs delhiline – Team Building Activities Delhi

Activity Name: Group Timeline
Objective: Creativity
Best for Small teams
Activity Time: 1 to 2 hours
resources needed: board, pins, paper, & Pens

Make a blank timeline on a board. Each participant should write 3 or four vital events in their life (wedding, date of hire, birth etc.) with date and year on a paper. Teams have to work together to finish the timeline, and teams needed to pin each paper in the correct spot on the board.

This team building activity helps the employees understand each other. It is one of the creative ways to start communication between employees and explorer the differences between one another.


team building programs delhiWhat’s On Your Desk? – Team Building Activities Delhi

Activity Name: What’s On Your Desk?
Objective: Creativity
Best for Small groups
Activity Time: One hour
resources needed: Paper, pens and required objects

The participants should bring a random item from their desk, without telling anyone what it’s for. Participants have to use that object as a new product, for that product they have to create a logo, business plan, and slogan. Participants have to present their new products.

This team building activity is a fun and employees will enjoy thinking creatively. This team building programs will represent the importance of proper marketing within the business world while allowing participants to present there product and sell them.


team building programs delhi

Balloon Sculptures – Team Building Activities Delhi

Activity Name: Balloon Sculptures
Objective: Creativity, Teamwork
Best for Small teams
Time: 15 minutes
Materials needed: Balloons, markers, and tape

Make sub-groups of 3 or four people with members from various departments or levels. Team members should create a “sculpture” with balloons that represent their team.

This team building program in Delhi is very funny and creative as a complete team has to work together and understand each other and work in a group.


Name of the Song – Team Building Programs Delhiteam building programs delhi

Activity Name: Name of the Song

Objective: Thinking, Teamwork
Best for Small teams
As the title says, this game is about naming the song played. A random song is played for the first five seconds. Anyone team member who knows what it is shouts out the name. The FIRST right answer is the winner.



team building programs delhi

Guess Which Movie? –  Team Building Programs

Activity Name:  Guess which movie
Objective: Thinking and Acting
Best for Small groups
Take a list of several movie names and cut up and shuffle them. Pair every piece, then choose the first pair to start. They should pick up a paper and acts out a scene of the movie written on it should not utter a word or sound. Everyone else has to guesses the movie. The team which guesses the movie name correctly, have to take their chance and so on till they finish the pairs.


team building programs delhiMove Tennis Balls – Team Building Programs

Activity name: Move Tennis Balls
Objective: Problem Solving
Best for Small teams

Activity Time: 30 minutes
resources needed: Tennis balls

Split the players into two teams, and give each team a bucket for their side of the room. Players should work with each other to collect as many tennis balls as they can from the center of the room into buckets; but, they cannot use their hands or arms to do so.

These team building programs require players to work together as a team to come up with the best solution. It helps the team to think creatively and also a fun problem-solving environment


team building programs delhi

Shape It Up – Team Building Programs Delhi

Activity Name:  Shape It Up

Objective: Teamwork, bonding, communication

Best for Small groups

Tell the participants to be in groups. A game coordinator should tell a shape’s like circle, square..etc and the teams must quickly form the shape in five seconds. Start with simple shapes and then start with complex shapes like “a circle on top of a square”. Teamplay is very important here to organize who are forming what in a team. The team which forms the shape first wins. The larger the group the more challenging the game will be.










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